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Achievements Available

The following achievements are available to be awarded

Achievement Name Achievement Short Description
Prince of the Realm 2nd to 5th Networth (Prince)
Princess of the Realm 2nd to 5th Networth (Princess)
Extreme Killer 2nd to 5th Kills
Amber Phoenix 2nd to 5th Deaths
Great Assassin 2nd to 5th Kill Ratio
Noble of the Age 2nd to 5th Points
Notable Economist 2nd to 5th Max Net
NPC Slayer Killed the most NPCs
Killer 1+ Kills
Phoenix Died and restarted
Grand Defender 2nd to 5th Absorb
Killed the Thief with Thievery Scum Kill Centaur
Killed the Warrior with War War Kill Dwarf
Killed the Sorcerer with Sorcery Sorc Kill Sidhe
Heroic Hunter of Humans Killed the most Humans
Exceptional Exterminator of Elves Killed the most Elves
Grand Garrotter of Goblins Killed the most Goblins
Distinguished Destroyer of Droben Killed the most Droben
Victorious Vanquisher of Vampires Killed the most Vampires
Eminent Eliminator of Elementals Killed the most Elementals
Supreme Slasher of Centaur Killed the most Centaurs
Superior Slayer of Sidhe Killed the most Sidhe
Distributor of Death to the Dwarven Killed the most Dwarfs
Slayer 5+ Kills
Cut-throat 10+ Kills
Hunter 25+ Kills
Enforcer 50+ Kills
Butcher 100+ Kills
Executioner 250+ Kills
Exterminator 500+ Kills
Master of Scum Kill Most Scum Kills
Master of War Kill Most War Kills
Master of Sorc Kill Most Sorc Kills
Finest Frustrator of Fae Killed the most Fae