Monarchy Game Information

Monarchy Game is the Official re-incarnation, of an online game and roleplay community with roots dating back to 1997.

It all began with Dustin Collis (Decae), Brian Goff (Souldemon/Teanos), Daniel Crowe (Neurosis), Evernight Games and a browser-based fantasy game called Monarchy. The basic concept was simple, a kingdom game set in a war between three Gods: Angelique, Barnabas and Leto. In 1998 Monarchy became a part of the Shareplay Network of Games. During that time, roleplay written by players, led to Oleana written into the game as the fouth God. Roleplay took place on the continent of Tismad, and the Island of Mo-Pri. In January 2000 Monarchy was the second ever game to be awarded MPoGD's Game of the Month award.

Monarchy first came to an end in 2001. Evernight Games (minus Daniel Crowe) returned with a new game Canon. The bulk of the community returned to Evernight, and the Monarchy game slowly faded into history, followed eventually by Shareplay. The new game Canon was similar to the original, but had migrated away from Perl to PHP. Like it's predessessor Monarchy, Canon didn't take long to be recognised and was awarded the MPoGD Game of the Month award for August 2001.

The prophets were introduced first: Mina, Diman and Solas, followed by the Gods: Foret, Isonia and Darden. The storyline finally introduced a name for the world: 'Tonan'. Also getting names, were the Sun: Intop, the Moons: Numi and Soma, and a new island continent called Maxim. Foret, Isonia and Darden reigned through until 2005, when a decision was made to restore the original Gods, this time as Mortals.

Oliver Piotrowski (Kaz) joined the team in 2005, taking over development a year or so later, introducing several new features in the Massacre, Unity and Quad games. In 2008, partially to answer questions of why the Gods were mortal, an initiative was started to create an story to tie together the various eras in a logical flow. From a combination of community written ideas, Stories of Tonan was born. A storyline spanning 6 era's, that explains everything leading up to the present.

Following a decision by Dustin to finally close Evernight as a game site in 2009, an attempt was made by Oli and Brian to 'start again' with Monarchy, this time learning from some of the mistakes of the past, and building on the encompassing `Stories of Tonan` storyline. The current game engine is based on Dustin's original Canon game code, along with all of the enhancements introduced by Oli in the 'Massacre' , 'Unity' and 'Last Quad Standing' games

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