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Identities on Hall of Fame

Post by Kaz » Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:36 pm

When creating a kingdom, assuming you have linked an Identity to your account, you can select this Identity to be associated with medals and awards for the age.

In order to link an identity you first need to have registered one on these message boards.

Once you have a posting account, log in to your game account and click on the button to take you to `tool`, the account management screen. The button to `tool` replaced the part of the layout where you previously typed your password.

Inside you will find an option called `Manage Identities`, from here you can link your game account to your message boards account(s).


Linking an Identity is simple, all you need to do is enter the name of your posting account in the box under `Create a New Identity` and then click the button marked `New Ident`.

A random authorisation code will be generated, and sent via private message to your posting account on Monarchs Glen. To finish linking the account, simply log into it and copy the code from your PM to the `Manage Identities` tool.

Once linked you can chose to activate or deactivate the identity. Active identities can be selected from a dropdown menu on the kingdom creation screen.


If you have created a kingdom (or even played an entire age) and not selected an Identity, one can be linked for your retroactively. Just contact me via PM on the boards, letting me know which Identity should be linked to which kingdoms, and I'll get them linked for the appropriate Hall of Fame medals and achievements.
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