United Kingdoms Incorperated (UKI)

God: Angelique
Active: No


This Guild is designed to create peace first (Diplomacy) Second To protect all sovereign Kingdoms that wish to remain that way Third To create friendship ties to our allies


1. GM
2. AGM
3. Squad Leader
4. Soldier
5. Trusted Member
6. New Member


This Organization must if the GM fails to sign on for more than a week GM gets voted out and a new one must be voted in by a majority vote. Tie votes are then passed through to the second in command for the tie voted he/she may not vote during Standard election. All officers must attend weekly gatherings to ensure prosperity,goals are met,memberships goals,and alliances are upheld. Officers are chosen by ability to be on, how often they bring allies to us, ability to lead by example Officers may be elected at every 6 month markings and new ones must take office by the 1st of the following month the only way they can assume office is by being sworn in by the GM. Gm is sworn in by the second in command and Gm swears in everyone else.


Peaceful resolotion