Battle Oath Guardians (BOG)

God: Barnabas
Active: No


We the Battle Oath Guardians are the defenders of the world. We strive to protect our clan and those that are in dire need of our assistance. We are the holders of the true faith and are battle brothers to the end of days. Together we are strong, where alone we are weak.


1. Grand Master of the Oath
2. Deputy Master of the Oath
3. Battle Oath Grand General
4. Battle Oath Commander
5. Battle Oath Guardian
6. Battle Oath Inductee


All members are expected to assist in wars against our enemies. Yes some members may become stronger than others within our guild and that type of thing happens. But to assure that we can stay strong we all must support each other. We can hold our own against our enemies if we provide a united front. Promotions will be granted to those that strive for greatness and come to the aid of their brothers in arms.


Formed to protect the world from the veil of darkness. We are the lightbringers... we are the guardians.