Symptoms of Destruction (SoD)

God: Barnabas
Active: No


Once a Queen and her subjects, faithful to Barnabas, quiet in their corners of the world and seeking peace to follow the tenets of their faith. Now a war torn nation with a displaced Monarch who has vengeance on her mind. Once a faithful follower of Barnabas, now a leader of those who wish to get back what was taken by Leto and Angelique sycophants with hate in their hearts and not enough sense to know what they have started with the attacks on our lands. Famine Disease Pestulance These are the symptoms, caused by the onslaught brought upon the faithful. Warriors Sorcerors Knights Spies These will wreak the destruction upon all those who sought to bring down a house dedicated to Barnabas. Barnabas saved us. Faith made us strong. Nothing will save you, the heretics of Leto and Angelique Symptoms of Destruction comes for you.


1. GM
2. AGM
3. Squad Leader
4. Soldier
5. Trusted Member
6. New Member


To contact the GM: If the GM dies or quits, the guild falls to the next highest ranking member. Be kind to one another. Be adult about disputes. Be vengeful to the heretics we seek to bring down. If you need further instructions, chances are you won't be here long.


Brand Spanking New!