God: Angelique
Active: No


Master Warriors, outcasts of society. The Ronin are long known to be unsurpassed warriors. But because they follow their own personal code, society has shunned them. They do not follow the laws of man but the laws of their hearts. Members are skilled warriors, veterans of many battles. They come from every society. Their unifying trait is their own personal brand of justice. Fear ye all who would do harm to others. Punitive is the code of the Niten IchiRyu Ronin.


1. General
2. Colonel
3. Major
4. Captain
5. Lieutenant
6. Mercenary


Niten IchiRyu Ronin is a council of equals. The GM is only special in that he acts as organizer. The council is a true democracy. Every member is a guild master.


Created in 1997, NIR has spanned multiple games and genres.