About `Monarchy War Ultimabase`

What is UBSolo (War Database)?

UBSolo was initially created by Oliver Piotrowski (Kaz) as a stand alone database for storing scrolls and war information. It was used primarily as a method for watching changing networths during wars in the Canon Solo game at Evernight Games. UBSolo has recently been incorporated into the Monarchy game code.

How does UBSolo work?

The UBSolo War Database tracks the networth information stored on kingdom scrolls, and also the status of war and peace between kingdoms. UB Solo can be used to track the recent changes in networth of a kingdom you plan to go to war with.

Why track War Status along with Networths?

It is generally considered bad form to interfere with an existing war between two other players. But how do you know if the war is actually still active, or your target is simply making tactical choice to not declare peace after a succesful war, and improve their chances of building and then getting first strike themselves? How the networth of attacker and defender change during the course of a war can tell a lot.

UBSolo can also be a powerful tool when it comes to 'policing' within the game. Kingdoms who make a habit of obliterating smaller enemies, or vultures who prey on kingdoms who have just started other wars, can be easily spotted by other players.