About `Monarchy Scouts Ultimabase`

What is Ultimabase (Scout Database)?

Ultimabase was created initially by Oliver Piotrowski (Kaz) as a Stand-alone database for storing scouts for the Canon Guilds game at Evernight Games. After joining the development team, UB was incorportated into the Unity game. The UB Scout Database is not generally available to games without alliances.

How does the scout database work?

Unlike the original stand-alone version, scout reports do not have to be manually copied and pasted into the database. Each time a successful scout is made, information about the scouted kingdom is automatically stored in the UB database. The number of thieves on a kingdom that 'fails' to succeed with a scout is also stored.

What is the point of storing scouts?

These scouts can be accessed by other players who follow the same god as the player who completed the scout. The intelligence stored within the Scouts database can be invaluable when planning a war. Especially if you do not have enough thievery (scum) troops to collect that information yourself.