About `Monarchy Ranked Quads`

What is a Quad?

A Quad is an alliance of 4 kingdoms, with a name for rankings. By joining a Quad you disable the ability to change alliance and assistance settings from the Alliances screen, in favour of the Quad screen. You also switch from being able to set defensive and offensive assistance on an individual kingdom basis, instead gaining the ability to set offensive and defensive levels for the entire quad at once.

Advantages of Quads instead of Alliances

There are several advantages to fighting in a Quad, as oppsed to just an alliance. Firstly your Quad leader can manage your alliance levels on your behalf, reducing the requirement for all members to be online at the start of a war. Also, Quads allow for combat on a scale between single kingom and guild.

Quads Are Like Mini Guilds

Perhaps most importantly, Quads are ranked much like they were fully fledged guilds. Including independant ability to declare war and peace with another quad. Unlike kingdom and guild based declarations of peace, a quad may chose to 'Offer Mercy' or to 'Surrender'. Offering Mercy claims victory for the war, and can be rejected by the oposing Quad. Surrender concededs defeat, ending the war.