About `Monarchy Load/Save Function`

We initially introduced the Load/Save function as a Massacre upgrade, and have subsequently rolled it out into other games. The ability to Load and Save, enables a player to speed up the repetative early stages of kingdom building. The Monarchy Load/Save function is one of our unique concepts in browser-based kingdom games.

When Can I Save?

In Massacre games, you may save your build at any point up to (and including) 1000 turns. In classic games, your maximum save is tied to the maximum number of turns that you can store on your kingdom at one time.

When Can I Load?

You can load a kingdom while you are still within the threshold allowing you to save. This means that you can spend turns building, and switch to a save at the last minute if things don't quite go to plan.

Public or Private?

When saving a build, you can chose to make that save available to the public, or just to yourself. If you decide to restore a Public or Private save for a different Race, your kingdom will be converted to that race.

Are troops Saved?

No. In order to ensure maximum choice when loading a saved build. Troops are NOT saved along with the rest of the kingdom.