About `Monarchy Kill Bounties`

Foreign Affairs Screen

The Foreign Affairs Screen lists a summary of the kingdoms you have killed. It can also be used to search out the kills awarded to other kingdoms, along with the state of any bounties, claimed or unclaimed.

What is a Bounty?

Bounties are a reward for killing kingdoms, and are awarded for each kill. There are two types of bounty. Firstly, in Massacre Games only, a random number of turns is awarded at the time of kill. These are only awarded killing player kingdoms, rather than NPC's.

The second type of Bounty can be claimed (if available) from the Foreign Affairs Screen. You may chose either the Turns, Cash or Elan from the kingdom you have killed, or a bounty consisiting of 20% of their remaining land at point of death.

Do all games have bounties

No. Bounties are not available in all games. This is simply due to the unbalancing nature a bounty can have on the game. Bounties will always be available to a Massacre style game, as they have an important role in remaining King-of-the-Hill. Classic style games will generally not include a bounty. Exceptions would be games with very high turn rates, such as Bloodbath.