About the `Classic : Domination v2` Game

Work with others in this version of the Classic Monarchy game, with ranked quads and NPC kingdoms, or create a quad all to yourself. You may create up to 4 kingdoms in this game

Basic Settings

Number of Kingdoms per Player 4 kingdoms
New Player Protection 150 turns
Maximum Turns 150 turns
Turns per Hour 4 turns per hour
Starting Turns 150 turns
Turns after Restarting 150 turns

Alliance Settings

Can Make Alliances Yes
Can Join Guilds No
Can Join Quads Yes
Caravan Frequency 12 hours (Humans : 6 hours)
Can Attack Allies No

War Declaration Settings

Minimum War Duration 48 hours
Can View War Declarations Yes
Prevent Downhits No
Enforce Guild or Quad Yes

Ultimabase Settings

Can View War Database Yes
Can View Scout Database Yes

Load, Save & Restore Settings

Load & Save Kingdom Builds Yes
Load & Save Availibility During first 150 turns
Post-Attack Kingdom Restore Yes
Maximum Restore Age Last 3 days
Restore Protection Duration 48 hours
Restore Restrictions Only after 24 hours without attacking

Delete & Restart Settings

Can Delete Kingdoms Yes
Can Restart Kingdoms Yes
Suicide During NPP or 48 hours
Restart / Deletion Restriction Only after 48 hours without attacking
Change Race during Restart Yes
Last Man Standing No

NPC Settings

NPC Acres (Max) 20000 acres
NPC Acres (Avg) 10000 acres
NPC Acres (Min) 7000 acres
NPC Turns for Bounty (Max) 150 turns
NPC Turns for Bounty (Min) 50 turns

Misc Settings

Maximum Kingdom Size without War 60k acres
Private Kingdom Banner Available Yes
Claim Bounties Turns: No , Cash: Yes , Land: Yes , Elan: Yes
Preserve Build Rate No
Logout Function Disabled No