What was foretold has come to pass

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What was foretold has come to pass

Post by Aeropagitica » Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:52 am

I look out of my window. The Sun will not rise again today. Smoldering embers produce a constant ash that blots out the sky creating a perpetual gloom. The people have lost hope. They have lost the Faith. They are leaving the land.

Four long ages ago, my forefathers Spoke to the Goddess. She foretold the end of Time. And so my great, grand sires did prophesy that the selfish warmongering; the relentless zeal of the followers of Leto would bring about the darkness. For ever, the great economists have known that war, when used with restraint, will bolster the coffers and generate wealth. And so for Age upon Age our forefathers did stimulate economies through moderate application of the arts of war. And so it came to pass that a great Chief was born unto the Followers of Leto. He was indeed a tactical genius and his prowess in maneuver and engagements did push the balance into the Favor of the Sons of Leto.

But the Leto Chief did not stop there. He pushed his wars deep into traditional territories, far beyond the resource wealthy battlegrounds. And with any Economic boon, as his wars deepened, the global economy began to reverse. Inflation escalated to the point where war was no longer profitable; indeed it had become a burden on all Society. And still the Chief pressed on. His zeal had consumed him beyond the good of his people. His genius justified further genius and it fueled his own enraged passion to destroy the world. Nations fells. The people, massacred.

I see, through the smoky haze, an after-image of the glories of old. The once fertile valley where the peasants farmed is now a salted wasteland. The once golden fields lay barren, overrun with weeds of thistle. Ruins of Iron and Stone are all that remain of mighty walled cities and majestic castles. And now I see where life bristled vibrantly, the unburied skeletons of fallen fathers felled defending their children; the last militias of peasants, their banded leather shirts and pitchforks rusting in the barren fields, bones bleaching in the weather. And now even the monuments to that Great Leto Chieftain, perhaps Leto Incarnate himself, are also crumbling; even his Legacy the victim of his destruction.

My wife, hardly to be considered even a Lady by the old standards, begs me to take her and our children away; to find a new land, a new beginning. I may say yes.

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Re: What was foretold has come to pass

Post by Nymphsong » Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:26 pm


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