Reset Complete (21st Dec 2014)

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Reset Complete (21st Dec 2014)

Post by Kaz » Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:40 pm

Monarchy Games have been reset

It's that time once again. All current games have been restarted, and they are once again open to create new kingdoms. The Hall of Fame has been updated with the Medal and Achievements earned last age.

Bloodbath #16 [21st Dec 2014]
Conquest2 #18 [21st Dec 2014]
Guilds #10 [21st Dec 2014]

As usual, we have selected a couple of additional races that can be selected during kindom creation. This time the following races are available alongside the usual three (Human, Elven & Goblin).

Bloodbath : Sidhe & Fae
Guilds : Vampire & Dwarven

As we're so close to Christmas, we're testing out a new configuration option in Guilds and Bloodbath. Currently, you should be unable to attack other players, but able to attack NPC's. We're testing this out as an alternative to the games going offline during the Christmas and New Year periods. Once the holiday season is over, the game will be switched back to the normal mode (where you can attack each other too). We've added a few extra NPC's just to make this a little more fun.
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