A Discussion on Sidhe

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A Discussion on Sidhe

Post by Endless » Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:28 am

Species: Sidhe

Rarity: Rare, except as half or even less purely blooded.

Inhabits: Found anywhere, though settlements tend to be in out of the way places, farther from human habitation where possible.

Physical Characteristics: Varied. Sidhe can be short or tall, have skin of many different color, as well as eyes or hair of many different colors. The only two traits that are relatively fixed is that they are not physically strong, less so than humans in most cases, and they are exceedingly strong in magic.

Longevity: Many Sidhe live for centuries, and it is rumored that some live far, far longer. There are records that even suggest they are ageless - they reach a certain point in their growth, and simply stop aging. Those accounts tell of them being virtually immortal.

Society: Again, varied, but not as far varied as humanity.

Sidhe tend toward solitude, not bothering with the messy empire building that humans and other races seem so fond of. They are an Elder race, whose roots date all the way back to the time before the Fall of Olander - some might even say they are children of Olander. Whether it is true or not is a matter of opinion.

Ruling bodies among Sidhe tend to be dictatorship or by council. It is extremely uncommon to find more than a few full-blooded Sidhe in one place at a time, thus any kingdom created or ruled by Sidhe truebloods are typically made up of half breeds and others. In the case of larger societies, it is not uncommon for the ruling body to be a council of several full-blooded Sidhe, and highly unlikely that any such council would contain any members that were not of the blood.

It is far more common to find Sidhe in lone retreats or wandering the world by themselves, often meddling in the affairs of inferior races as they see them. Many take up personal quests to while away their lives, or study the Art, which most of their lives revolve around. Being beings composed almost if not entirely by magic, the Art is central to all of their society. Though not every Sidhe learns to develop their innate skill in the Art, all of them revere it. Those who do study and progress with that innate ability tend to be superior sorcerors and mages, capable of acts of insane power and deft subtlety that are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

For the most part, they keep themselves seperate and aloof from the other races, citing that they are inferior.

Culture: Sidhe culture revolves around their Art, and perhaps the preservation of fragmented memories of the times when Olander still walked the heavens. Enough of those still living claim to remember the days of old, though it is exceedingly hard to ascertain the truth of such revelations, as there is no way to coroaberate any of it.
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Re: A Discussion on Sidhe

Post by Kaz » Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:25 pm

Alternative versions of the first post are welcome (even encouraged). A final draft will try to include as many ideas as possible from as many sources as possible.

Also, needing to be discussed in this thread are the troop types. We have another active thread at the moment trying to establish new ideas for Sidhe troop types. Although subject to change at the moment, the troops needing some for of descriptive info are as follows:

T1. Spellswords - Sidhe who specialise in weapons and offensive magic
T2. Enchanters - Sidhe who specialise in enchantments
T3. Shamens - Sidhe who specialise in natural and healing magic
T4. High Mages - Sidhe who are masters of sorcery and greater magic
T5. Tricksters - Sidhe who specialise in illusionary magic and can hide themselves from the senses of other sidhe
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Re: A Discussion on Sidhe

Post by Sikil » Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:00 am

I think it would be interesting to see that Sidhe are lawful... as in if they make a promise, they do whatever they can to keep it. Since the Fae, by their very nature, will probably be Chaotic, it would be a nice division between the two making them somewhat rivals.

Since Sidhe can feel the Art emanating from other Sidhe or the objects they enchant, it would also be interesting to see that they know each other more by the feeling of their Art then their actual appearance. Kind of like dogs with scents. They might even be able to track other Sidhe whenever their magic is used by knowing the general direction it was used if it was either close enough or strong enough for them to detect.

Spellswords, in my opinion, should be armed with weapons created directly from the Art. They would be able to manifest the Art into weapons and armour. To me, these would be the most haunted-looking of the Sidhe as they might be called upon to kill their own.
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Re: A Discussion on Sidhe

Post by Topheh » Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:58 am

I'm really pleased with that first post, actually.

Sikil, I like your latter two ideas. The first one I feel might put too much limitation on a Sidhe player to force them to play a certain (lawful) way.

I'll... add to this soonish.

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Re: A Discussion on Sidhe

Post by Vilena » Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:07 pm

Sikil wrote: Spellswords, in my opinion, should be armed with weapons created directly from the Art. They would be able to manifest the Art into weapons and armour. To me, these would be the most haunted-looking of the Sidhe as they might be called upon to kill their own.
One of my elemental characters of Mo'Pri days forced a sidhe slave to kill many families-worth of Sidhe to prove his obedience and loyalty to my character and their guild - mentioning sidhe killing their own reminded me of it, so thank you, Sikil, the more I read (even older posts) makes me want to play more myself.
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