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Re: Poems Feel Free to add your Own.....

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 1:37 pm
by owly
oh joe hey
hey joe

Re: Poems Feel Free to add your Own.....

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 1:39 pm
by owly
before there where meteorologist
there where poets
who where filled with verves and rhyme
and threw forecasts in song
as many as the rain drops
in storm hit down
strikiNg the leafs on the forest floor
under the canopy
littering drops
that raised up as one voice in such a roar
that in it billions of pit-a-patters splattering
that rose up as one solid hum
raised up as one voice
it rises ed as thunder in full bloom in clap
these poems boomed on through the not known
through the coming days clout
and lite shadows in the lighting strike
and in the illumination of the glow
the story was told
foretold and unmasking future faces
the coming state
they dressed as simple men
and all around them they listened to them as they was king
some of these them that was they had no real knowledge of the sky
poems borrowed and horded, stored away to be called up in their site
these they simply matched the poems
to the clouds above their nose
and these they got it right every time
then their where those like me
that wrote the thunder
and cast light throw the fingering strike


I want to tell you
You are a rainbow
And want you to know
I am a rainbow too
They say
those who are they
that say
We usher in grey skys
And darkening the noses of wives
We're words writing by god hands
We say
In the morning
Gods going to wash aLl your sorrow away
And knock off the dust of your face
and in the evening
We say
There a be no trouble in the sky
To mare you way today
Tomorrow let doors open all the way
And let your children run out and play
in sun beams and sun spray
Under crepuscular rays
Its will be all clear
it a be safe
in the light
The light of day
the leprechaun gold
it Is it is the shine
Grab the leprechaun by his nose
you got his gold

You are a rainbow
And i am a rainbow too
lets do what we re made for born for
lets shine
for we are things of light
things of care
as the angels so, so fair

Re: Poems Feel Free to add your Own.....

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:17 pm
by Arndt
I love this poem. Thanks for sharing!