Runnin with the Ranks (Niten Ichiryu Ronin vs The Red Ranks)

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Runnin with the Ranks (Niten Ichiryu Ronin vs The Red Ranks)

Post by Aeropagitica » Thu Jul 31, 2014 1:49 am

THE RED RANKS Land: 124,570 15,572
#1 TRR Built: 124,012 15,502
8 / 8 Members view charter Networth: 4,397,422 549,678

NITEN ICHIRYU RONIN Land: 104,019 13,003
#3 NIR Built: 102,960 12,870
8 / 10 Members view charter Networth: 3,811,739 476,467

Enough of this incessant looting/scumming. War!

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Re: Runnin with the Ranks (Niten Ichiryu Ronin vs The Red Ra

Post by Tara » Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:25 pm

Halllooo RONIN!

You mistermens started the looting. Or maybe Mickal looted us both and made us fight! What'a sneaky heathen he can be when he's a heathen!

Good start to the age, NIR. I couldn't decide if ya'd hit NPCs or us first, so I thought maybe Friday was good for us one way or the other. (NPCs or yours)

I'm just over 100 turns-played behind most, my bros included, we should'a hit on Wednesday, or been'a waitin for yas.

Well at least with NIR getting first strike of the age, when we beat yer heathenasses later you can't say it was because we downhit ya to start 8-)
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Re: Runnin with the Ranks (Niten Ichiryu Ronin vs The Red Ra

Post by Jokingjoe » Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:13 pm

Hey Tara! :D

I'll pour a rum in your honor!

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Re: Runnin with the Ranks (Niten Ichiryu Ronin vs The Red Ra

Post by Nymphsong » Sat Aug 02, 2014 3:54 pm

This is fun...

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Re: Runnin with the Ranks (Niten Ichiryu Ronin vs The Red Ra

Post by Mauhura » Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:12 am

(one week ago)
Building was decently on par with the heathen, though their doctor had ventured out to the Free Cities (done-gone LETOZZZSHTINKEEETOESZEEZZ!) they still held their ground within what most now called the Empire. Though deez goblinzz were in some ways far-removed from city-politics, deyz de onez who made sure that damn ground stayed intact. The new grounds claimed by their brother Mickal past the Bloodbridge (must remember to stop calling him that, damned heathen!) somehow also gave the Angies a little bit of room to stretch out beyond the river Glasswater. Demz heathen just blended in with Mickal's travelers and one day they were past the river and in-sight of deemz watcherz lurkin in Tunnelzz.

It was like one day they were building along same as we. Next day, weez killin scoutz 'un roastin earz-'un'-brainz of scouts and looters caught all over the place! Some of the brothers own coffers pilfered while they slept just feet away or down a hall. So bold deez Ronin. 'Un SO DAMN QUIET! Must get zum deyz shoes, demz quiet-sneak-feetz onez. Must meet them soon that's clear.

(das'still a week ago of course, by now we've met again, definitely)

Meantime. One deez brothers got heez shit together quick and runs off bag-in-hand for some early-holiday. (or late? don't want to miss all of summer!) - on way out, himz get orderszez: Bring back vacation-shineyzz and ... and bread!!

Now deez few dayz latersezz, peace treaty after a battle whose defense felt sorely disorganized. "Read the news" deyz can preach to all deyzBrotherzselvesez. And it won't happen again.

The heathen pulled back just enough in wake of Red sorcerers, but their own war factions never followed through.

Mis-communication cost the Ranks (and harshly!) for now but it would mean nothing in the grand scheme. Even now there were expeditions into the Mountainsezz.

Land where others think ya'azz no can survive. That will be ourszezz. Expeditionsez away!
Hail C'HaraH!
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