The Load / Save screen

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The Load / Save screen

Post by Kaz » Sat Jan 26, 2013 8:04 pm


Those of you returning might not be familiar with the Load / Save screen. It's one of the options on the navigation bar that's next to the screen title, and can only be accessed during New Player Protection.

If do not have the message "You have X turns left of New Player Protection" or the message "This is your last turn of New Player Protection", showing on your kingdom summary page, or on Township, then it is too late to access the Load / Save screen.

There are a selection of public saves for all of the races, however you will only be able to select saves for the races that can be selected during kingdom creation. If you have selected a random race, saves for that race will also be available.

There are two things that you NEED to understand about the load / save system.

1.) If you pick a save for a different race it will change your kingdom to that race
2.) Troops are ignored when saving a kingdom. Spending any turns or cash on troops during NPP (if you plan to save) is a waste of turns and cash.

Public and Private Saves are not reset at the end of the age, building an ever-growing collection to chose from.
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