Donal - half-elemental, half-human

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Donal - half-elemental, half-human

Post by Donal » Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:32 am

Name: Donal
Age: 261
Race: Half-elemental, half-human

Description: Standing a little over six and a half feet with broad shoulders, Donal towers over the squat but powerfully built humans of the northern reaches of the Empire. His face is narrow and framed by long black hair that ends just below his shoulder. At first glance, he is human, but the constant presence of frost on his hair and his breath to those observant show he is something more.

Weapons: Two small sledge hammers, roughly a foot long each

History: Donal was raised in an isolated community of half-elementals, products of a bygone age where humans and elementals bred together. The people first showed signs of being regular half-elementals showing regular products of their heritage; able to breath underwater and control it, lighting hands on fire, etc. But as time progressed, different aspects began to show up. Instead of containing the power over water, some began to control ice or able to summon mists. He was always wandering the borders of their lands in the northern mountains and wasn't around when a powerful force ripped through the community, leaving nothing but empty homes and half-eaten meals.

After spending a few months searching for clues, Donal left and moved out in the wider expanse of the north, taking up the trade of a fur trapper.

Allegiance: He holds no allegiance to anyone, preferring to stay out of the politics of the Empire.

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Re: Donal - half-elemental, half-human

Post by Brenigan » Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:47 am

I like this idea. Thanks man.
Of the old and the Faithful - kind of sounds like a soap opera doesn't it?

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