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Post by Endless » Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:04 am

This thread is intended to be a discussion on Barnabas. Not, particularly, the faith of Barnabas, but rather the young nobleman of the Empire. In order for us to move the story of Tonan along, it is necessary that the Mortal Kings be further defined than simply being named and given a base set of traits and attributes. All three are mortal, now, seeking godhead and immortality once more without understanding, in truth, what they seek.

They are people. People have personalities, faults and strengths. Even gods do, though most wise mortals would never mention such to their faces.

You may ask the question: Why do we need to do this? I say, why not? More importantly, the mortal kings must be played to advance the stories, and no one would play a character without knowing who or what they were, their values, their personality, or any of those important things. Moderators and Site Admin would be able to play these characters, to advance the Tonan story itself, and to further enrich individual roleplays where it was suitable....but as of now, we can not do this.

We have blank molds with only the roughest impressions of what these beings are and are like. It is time for us as a community to give them flesh and blood, and make them live.

This thread is for the discussion of the mortal Barnabas, born of noble blood, carrying himself with the quiet dignity of his station. Held in honor and reverence but friend and foe alike even if many consider him to be arrogant,

When you think of Barnabas as a mortal, what do you see? Include everything you can think of. Think of it as you creating him as a character you would play, and describe him to us all. Through enlightened discussion and debate, we may bring Barnabas to life, and enrich Tonan for ages and generations to come!
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Re: Barnabas

Post by Kaz » Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:14 pm

Any discussion into the story and characteristics of Barnabas need to start with these bits of information, along with the assumption that he remembers his own true history.

He has memory of life as a God, his time in the Void, and also his life as a mortal to this point. This means that more than just the 'God' time will have shaped his character to a certain point.

Plus, he currently has no way of 'proving' he is the re-incarnation of an old almost-forgotten God, nor any knowledge of how to reclaim his immortality (at this point).

It's important to remember that we are not trying to rewrite history and define Barnabas the God, we are trying to define Barnabas the reincarnated mortal.

Basic Info in the 'Start Here' thread

Barnabas has been incarnated as a young human general, one of the favourite to become the next emperor of an as-yet unnamed empire (simply referred to as 'The Empire').

Short introduction in the Over-story

Raised in an older House of the Empire, a quiet dignity hangs on the shoulders of young Barnabas. Each action taken, each stance held with forethought and a preponderance of the effects on all his subjects. Only a few close advisors have his ear, and with this come opinions of arrogance, untested wisdom, and the impression of being manipulated. On the battlefield however, this grace and steady deliberation is revered, by enemies and soldiers alike.

Aspects of Barnabas (as originally defined in 1998)

Barnabas: Balance, Order, War, Honor Code, Elitism, Status Quo.

Barnabas (Balance) - At its best, prosperity, at its worst, stagnation

"Balance, hard to describe. We do not seek to claim, and never have, that Barnabas is neutrality personified... no more than any have claimed with proof that the other gods are nothing more than chaos or law. At his best he is the god of war... of politics and the status quo of society. He is the old way, upholder of sometimes outdated codes of honor... and he is ABOVE ALL the eldest child, the natural successor to the throne. That does not make him dominant, it makes him static. He is the established order, and it would serve him no purpose to be chaotic when he was, in his opinion, first among three since his conception. At his worst, he is fire... the destruction that even the most honorable warfare brings. He is vengeance, anger, and power. He can be thought of as stregnth and solidity.... elitism, the patron of those who view the world as a stable and ranking place, with themselves at or near its apex. He can also be the deceiver, the stagnant order that is cast down for its perceived evils... the Scarred One, the Fallen Son..." Murchad 16 Oct 98
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Re: Barnabas

Post by Calen » Wed Mar 13, 2013 4:44 am

Personally, I see Barnabas as someone who keeps himself distant from his followers, perhaps locking himself away in a study for days on end reviewing old battle records, trying to work out how the looser could have won merely to test his mental skill in warfare and then bringing that knowledge to the battlefields. I also kind of see him as quick to cast judgement and when his mind is made up, its hard to convince him otherwise.

Physically, I would consider him to look very Roman. Short cut hair, clean shaven, and everything he wears is 'proper'; no stains, rips, or signs of wear. Of course, that would change when he's engaged in combat. Not even a reincarnated god can help blood stains.
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