Who makes -you- tinkle in your drawers a little?

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Re: Who makes -you- tinkle in your drawers a little?

Postby Nymphsong » Thu Jan 16, 2014 9:52 pm

•Scariest defending player. (The one who is online during war chat...or the guy running the sorcery realm that has nothing left to lose but elan)
•Freakiest scummer (that can be a bit tricky to answer, now can't it?) (I'd agree with your assessment)
•The most dastardly and cruel hearted sorcer you can think of. (Depends, are we talking Sorc Kills or PLs...in my opinion PLs can be much more painful than a Sorc Kill...especially before the reset ability kicked in)
•The bastard that, when its time to out sword, you know is going to cut your head off and stick it on a pike. (Dauthi)
•The most overall unstoppable juggernaut out there on any combination of the above. (Bundesbank)
•The greatest tacticians (aka they ain't got shit and somehow still trash you despite everything you can do...) (Dauthi)
•And last, that one guy who will stop at absolutely nothing, dump as many turns, fail as many times as need be, and still, somehow, win through. (Kaz..and I don't mean this as a slight...wish he was still an active player...unless I am missing something)
•Most violent player, bloodthirsty to the point of ludicrousness. (Dauthi)

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