Protips on War V : Breaking with War

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Protips on War V : Breaking with War

Post by Nymphsong » Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:13 pm

Part V -- Breaking the Realm with War

So, here I would like to talk about the Mission Essential in any Guild War, what most players love and really the heart and sole of the game. The Breaking of a Kingdom, taking the land, some structures, and of course, womenfolk. This really is the core work of a warrior realm, and those that understand the philosophy of breaking realms can fair well in any war. So, what do we need to look at when breaking a realm? First we need to peruse the races and identify a merit list, from strongest to weakest. What makes a realm stronger than another? Are there any other components that factor in besides "attack value" that a player should consider when building a warrior realm? How does summon troops play a role in breaking a realm, and is there any hidden ways to really inflate what this capability can do? In breaking a realm, what is the best way to take it down; one realm takes all land from the target, or do you "pass the plate" so to speak and give everyone something to enjoy? What about effective is it? Should you be worried about an ambush? Once a realm is cracking, what is the most economical way to save cash, and take down the realm at the same time?

First we need to generate a merit list. Here is the list I came up with for best value (in order from best to worst) when breaking a kingdom.

1. Droben
2. Elemental
3. Goblin
4. Dwarven
5. Vampire
6. Fae
7. Human
8. Centaur
9. Elf
10. Sidhe

How did I reach this conclusion? Well its more than this race has War Offense Value of 4 and this a 3. There is actually subtle advantages within the races that differentiate all of them. The basic War Offense Value, while close, is not totally accurate. I am not looking at this from a Guerrilla Raid perspective but from a Total War...take your acreage school of thought. Droben's are the best for two reasons, 1. The Bunar is the most explosive offensive troop in the game with an Offensive Value of 27.50. They are a T3 unit, but for a warrior that should be pretty easy to reach within a fair amount of turns. Additionally, the Droben has the Best Summon Troops based on total networth at 3.04%. Effectively, a 1 million networth kingdom, can summon 30,400 Green T1 troops to throw at someone...ouch. Lastly, if we are talking GR, their T1 has a 25.0 attack value to boot. Overall, great Warrior. Now to the 2,3, and 4 spot. All have the same War Offense Value of 4. But, Elemental takes the top spot. Why? The T4 which is the easiest unit to train has the best attack value of the 4 groups. That means more turns on target instead of on training and losing cash/time. Additionally, Elementals have a better Summon at 2.84% which is also the second best...hence they come in at #2. Goblin edges the Dwarf in my opinion for a couple of reasons. The Goblin and Dwarf easiest to train warriors both have an offensive value of 22.50. However the Goblin is T4 while the Dwarf is T3. Given the same number of Barracks, the Goblin will save you more turns. Now that is not the end of the fight, and it is important to note, the Goblin and Dwarf both offer the same Summon percentage of 2.75. So, is there a final straw? Of course, the Goblin has a better Offer ability, which means the realm grows faster than the Dwarf. When it comes time for war a Goblin will charge in with a 13.5k acre kingdom with T4 and 146 turns after conversion, while the Dwarf will be about 11.5k acres and have 142 turns...(assumes cash is plentiful) guess which one I would rather be attacking with early in the age? Note if cash is not plentiful and both have similar build strats, the Goblin, will also generate cash more quickly...

After the Dwarf, we get to the middle men, the "herms" of the game, with many confused as to their real roles. I gave Vampire 5th and Fae 6th. The only real justification I could come up with is actually looking at the Fae's other abilities. They are better sorcerers. Additionally, the Vampire's T4 are a bit cheaper per unit. Both however are so close that there really isn't much to argue with using either for war purposes. Human is a no brainer over the Centaur as it has a better Summon and easier train rate to hire the T4 Dragons as opposed to the T3 Minotaur's. Turns saved = more death to the enemy. Elf edges Sidhe because at least they can muster a troop with an attack value over 20.0, but really neither race is ideal for breaking a realm...same could really be said for the Centaur...some races just suck at taking acres.

So we got our list, lets go find someone to kill and go full attack...slow the horses and chariots. First and foremost, ALWAYS assume your opponent has an Ambush in place. A Guerilla Raid or Full Attack when your converting (prior to hiring troops) is the best way to take it down. Save your cash. One thing you need to be aware of; if you are doing an making sure your allies are not already supporting you on offense...a massacre can annihilate a good portion of their armies. Reference: ... =12&t=1839 Also remember that an Ambush almost always stops an army in its track, especially in guilds. That means...if they are on....your going to have a bad day...don't try and "mob" through an will not work (95%) of the time.

Now the Ambush is gone, what is next? Well if you have done a scout, and you know what you are up against, a Controlled Strike for 1 is the next course of action. There are a lot of theories and ways people run the Controlled Strike (CS) campaign when breaking a realm. My preferred method is to keep CS1 going with Summon until you get CS1 with Ease Two Times in a Row. Then CS100 with Summon to get Ease 2 Times in a Row. This should lead to Full Attack starting off with success. This little extra on the CS will pay dividends in the long run. Here is the logic, ever notice that when you are attacking someone and you are getting Good Fight and it goes to Success that the land taken between the two attacks hardly changes? That's because the better your attack, the higher the percentage of total land taken by a Full Attack. So am I willing to use an extra 8-12 turns on CS to get with Ease on Full better believe it.

(Note: Once you get Success on a Full Attack, you should probably stop using Summons)

So, you finally get a Realm "broken" it is giving you land and you Full Attack and get the message, "with ease" and X amount of acres taken. What to do next, you need to conserve cash, but you need to keep feeding. There is a trick, I call it the "Rule of .25%". What is this magical rule. Well, if you break a realm to ease, you can reduce your total troops by 25% with each attack (most of the time) and get ease on the next hit. This allows you to swiftly reduce your total attack group...conserve cash and still take the best percentage of land possible. Here is an example of how much to reduce in between each hit. I will use a Human Example with Dragons on the Attack.

T4 Dragons 4,000 (3000, 2250, 1688, 1266, 950, 713...etc.) -- While still getting "with ease" each attack :evil:

Now this strategy only tends to work best, when it is one realm doing the breaking, and that realm then doing the taking. This strategy does pose risk however in that you require more time in between attacks. If you opponent gets on...ambush may ensue.

So are there any tricks to make your summon troops extremely dangerous. Why actually yes, but with any plan, there is inherit risk. The Summon is based off your total networth. Two things increase your networth that you can affect as a player; Cash and T1 Buildings/Guildhalls. T1 buildings tend to inflate networth more than say...temples or quarries. The risk with too many T1 buildings is susceptibility to burning. Cash as well...being looted. But, if done right...sending a crap load of cash to a Droben with a few extra Guildhalls...might just be enough to give them that edge to slaughter someone.

Pass the Plate -- This type of attack involves usually a big warrior, cracking a realm and then once you get the first "with ease" full attack, passing the realm to the next biggest warrior. The realm gets passed around and everyone gets some land. You continue to do this till Big realm is exhausted on turns or all "hard targets" are smashed. It can be effective, and is usually reserved for the second war chat instead of the first strike (it is also used by guilds on defense...allowing for maximum destruction via war).

Ideally, when is the best time to stop attacking? Reality is, the best time to stop attacking is when you have 30-40 turns left and need to refort. But, if you get the realm to less than 1/5th your size...say 25k acres verses 5k can probably refort...just make sure you hire enough scum to cover your tail...Please see Section I about a GM you need to know when to tell your player to ...stop killing.

One last thing to touch on. Anchored Defensive Realms. This can be a problem...they all feed off each others defense and in effect, nullify your allied realms together. How is this fixed? Call in Scummer and have them "Sabotage Alliances". This allows you to break one realm individually in between each attack. It takes a wee bit longer, but once you have the realm at "with ease" then stop Sabbing Alliances and allow your warrior to completely drain all other realms of their troops. This was used in good effect last age and helped to bring six realms down in one strike. I strongly discourage players from using defensive alliance support for this reason.

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