Protips on War IV : Finances

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Protips on War IV : Finances

Post by Nymphsong » Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:12 pm

Part IV -- Managing Financial Resources

I would like to take a little time to discuss financial resources in the game. Of all of the resources, chest also known as cash is the most fluid and perishable resource within the game. It is also, essential to running a kingdom. How is cash generated? Is there ever a time to have too much cash? How is cash, best protected? What is the best amount of cash to keep on your kingdom? What to do with excess cash?

Cash is generated by having an economy in the black. Thanks…got it. But really, there is a tie between two key structures that really help you generate cash. That is T1 buildings (Markets, Guildhalls, etc.) and T2 Buildings (Hovels, Dens, etc.) The two appear to be synched together that when built on a one for one generation, you get the best bang for your buck (so to speak). Some players get cash happy…and then build way to many T1/2 buildings…and eventually pay the price. While this feeds back into Bundesbank’s thread about proper building, it is important to strike a happy balance where you can earn cash and have enough left over after every build for a proper refort/refit with a few million left over for a “rainy day”…no pun intended. The easiest way to generate cash is to Downsize all your forts and all your troops…then start building. There is a problem with this…the turns it takes to rebuild the forts…and retrain the troops…is very wasteful. Even just downsizing all the troops to build can become hectic and a standing Army is eventually left in place (usually scum). To this end, I usually leave up about half of my scum and downsize the rest during build cycles (after the third full build cycle 10k+ acres). This gives me the cash I need to fund my war machine.

So, is there ever a time to have too much cash on hand? I will answer this with a definitive yes! I even have an example. Last Age, I attacked Bundesbank in Domination with realms all sitting on 250 million plus cash. I decided to conduct Sorc Kills and Parking Lots, and elected not to use the cash or dispose of it after the first strike. Although I killed one realm and badly parking lotted another, Bundes was able to loot my cash and then super fluff his large Parking Lotted Realm and roll all of my defenses. His other two realms then swept in and finished me off. In the end, he only had one good realm left, but the matter was finished, I had first strike…and lost because I foolishly left a crap load of cash on my realm just sitting there waiting to be stolen. So is there a magic number in cash of when to dump or keep? Not really, but I try to use common sense when considering how much cash to keep around. My question is, if my opponent gets in first strike before me, how they will use my cash against me? If all they can do is loot me 2-5 times (15 million or less) then I am probably doing ok. If they can steal 150 million cash in 2-5 loots…we got a problem…because my money will be used to break every realm I have or my entire guild. (And trust me…they will have no qualms about making sure it is all used before they refort).

That leads me to what I call my safe zone for cash on hand. I tend to try and keep 1.0 to 1.5 times my total acreage in millions of cash on hand. For example, a 20k acre realm is probably safe with 20-30 million cash on hand at any given time. You get looted five times…they get 15 million…you still have a sizeable cash reserve for ambushes, sorcery, scum, etc. at a full fluff of defense.

Now, during a war chat, your cash is your life line. Get over fluffed with not enough cash and your realm will be at best...and anchor. I try to run my realms so that 33-50% of my total cash is used in my war preparation. The remaining cash is used to break a realm, take the land, and then refort. It is critical that GMs and players be cognizant of this as overlooking how much cash you have can lead to disaster during a strike. For example, you take a realm on of equal size. Your break it, slowly...and it bleeds your chauffers'. You go to refort...and you have no cash to hire scum or defensive troops or then expose yourself to retaliatory sorcery...or war attacks...which is not good at all. :(

This also ties into my design of a war strike and why scum and sorcery go first. They usually generate excess cash which can be passed to the warrior realms via caravans. The warriors can then enjoy even more aggressive postures...because of the war chests they now have on hand.

So, how is cash best protected? In my opinion, ensuring the cash is spread out throughout your guild is important. Don’t have one realm sitting on 500 million and everyone else sitting on 2 million…that’s just asking for trouble. (Unless that realm is the king, and has over 4 times the lands of any opponents and 2 times the built structures of any opponent.) The second rule is, hire Thieves/Scum whatever you want to call them in order to protect your horde. The value of your cash…to you and your guild…should influence the amount of scum you want to hire. I usually try to hire enough scum so that at least 80-90 percent of all realms scouting (with max fluff scum) will be “seen” during the scout. This usually deters…any notion of taking cash…when “not at war”. However, if at war…they are going to take the cash anyways…but you’re not all scum…so they will still have to break you…and that should not be easy.

So, what do you do with excess cash? You can tithe it away…and in many cases for paltry acres. But at least you’re continuing to grow. Or if you are large enough and fat enough…run Cash Caravans to smaller realms within your guild…keep the cash balanced and they can use it to build faster, etc. Keeping the cash moving is the key.

A lot of this seems like common sense, but I still see common mistakes with cash, to include myself (see above story). However, I also mention it because a 10k acre realm with 60 million cash and 200 green scum…is probably not a good idea…you can look up and down the scrolls…but in the end the fault is on you for being over exposed. I don’t mean this to slight anyone, but it’s something I’ve seen by several “vets” in the last couple of ages…and it’s not healthy.


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