Protips on War

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Protips on War

Postby Nymphsong » Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:41 am

So, I recently returned to this game after several years in retirement and have noticed that players still seem to make some common mistakes from time to time. While Bundes’s topic focused on a proper build and what that should look like, I have decided to focus on war and how to properly execute “classic guild war”. I say classic guild war, because there are exceptions to every war and how it is fought, and even more so the manner in which one fights. For example, Dauthi fights “guerrilla” type warfare, where he exploits broken realms, underforted realms, and scummers to his advantage. This enables him to rack up a high number of kills within a short time period. His downfall, is that he leaves little scum up, offensive troops, and usually is farmed throughout the age by heathen guilds. That said, we will be looking at what the majority of other guilds do for war preparation, before, during, and after.

The first thing that should be considered is what you as a GM or AGM of War want to do. How do you want to prosecute the game to achieve maximum results? Most GMs would agree that a victory for the faith is a first goal priority, while a guild victory would be extremely valuable and help keep morale high. With that in mind, I will use what we call in the military (Troop Leading Procedures) to help walk through what right looks like in preparation for war. In these examples I will be using Leto as my faith and Angie//Barnie//and NPCs as my opponents. He is meant as a term of endearment for he/she.

1. Receive the Mission – These days the GM and AGM of War are usually one in the same, but if different there is usually some communication here by the GM to the AGM of War. “GM” says, “AGM of War” find me a fight, that (is usually honorable), that we can win, and better position ourselves for a run to the top at the end of the age. The GM wants the war in order to A. increase morale B. keep his guild active and C. Destroy heathen resources.

2. Issue Warning Order – Someone will (should) banner the proposed war date, scribe, email, call, text or other with all guild members that there is a tentative war planned for the future. I have found that giving personnel 450 turns in between wars is probably the best way to prep for continued offensive operations. That’s two build cycles and then a full stack for war chat. So, essentially 6 days prior to attack is when posting the tentative war begins. Anything earlier than that should be handled as a defensive war, which we will talk about in a future post.

3. Make a Tentative Plan – This is probably and arguably the most intensive part of the war preparation and (in my opinion) usually occurs 3 to 4 days from the actual attack time. So first, you look over the available targets, you have some OJ, some purple stuff, and Sunny Delight (ok bad joke), but you tend to look for similar sized targets/guilds and then make a plan to have a primary target and alternate if at all possible. These days it seems, the primary is a guild and the alternate is NPCs//Goblins. If the scouts on the guild you chose for us (Barnie) are more than 4.5 days old. It is probably best to do a “2/3rds” scout run of the target guild. It is an easy sell as updating the database. Given that you have been at war prior to this, it’s actually a legit statement and cover for action. Fair warning, do not scout the top realms and anything less than 6k acres…can be saved for the actual night of war. Scouting top doms gets enemy guilds edgy…and they are likely to come pay you a visit before you can get to them. Even if all they do is burn temples and guildhalls, your entire plan can be sabotaged by your own greed for accurate intelligence. So you have 6 out of 9 realms (let’s say the top two and bottom one get a bi- in order to protect your plan). The middle doms are usually the meat and potatoes of your attack anyways. The top realms are almost always a parking lot waiting to happen, why would I throw all my war resources at big realms? So, once you have this intelligence, make a spread sheet, and review the realms available for exploitable weaknesses, to few forts, all scum, heavy guildhalls, too much cash on hand, all temples. The start divvying up your guilds realms to meet each exploitable area. Match your strengths to the enemy’s weaknesses. Have an order of battle, Scum first, Sorc Second, War third, Refort…etc. (If you want a detailed example you can simply PM me for something…some have said it is over detailed, but others have noted how it made enemy realms go boom…a lot faster).

4. State Necessary Movement – This is pretty important in the scheme of things and should also occur about 2 days out from war. Set your Quads up. Warriors together, the more the merrier. One quad breaks, the other takes…etc. This should also be the time that ALL players have responded to the GM and given their time of availability. AGM of RP should develop the RP thread at this point and have it ready for the opening salvo. Regular war thread title and basic information should be plugged in, to help make the actual war time function simple. GM/AGMs/key leaders will decide on a time to convene for war chat prior to actual war chat to finalize plan and make sure players simply show up, do their thing and then go about their business. The object is to make the player’s war process smooth…he/she shows up, attacks, and either sticks around or leaves all the while inflicting massive damage to heathen doms.

5. Reconnaissance – This is done about 15 to 20 minutes prior to strike time. All guilds should be updated. Then before realms start shifting net worth, AGM of RP gets the notes/starting stats together for war thread. Then AGM of scum conducts scout sweep of target guild. AGM of War and GM make necessary changes to plan…more temples burned, this guy is all Guildhalls, etc. This is also where I order all my peeps off the boards save one. That is the spy to keep an eye on board activity. If there is high volume of players on…wait…don’t charge headlong into pikes…

6. Complete the Plan – Once all changes and modifications are agreed upon, the GM gives the AGM of War the signal to destroy. This is when players should be arriving for the war chat. Fog should be rolled out prior to any attacks.

7. Issue the Order – There are a lot of theories on how to best prosecute this part. Some like a simultaneous assault in order to prevent coordinated defense. And it works. I prefer the more methodical approach of scum down, then sorc down, then war over a period of time. Both get results, the first strategy however is vulnerable to being broken up by anyone online and no communication getting back to the leaders, my version gets exposed to prolonged attack which could invite players to notice their realms being burned…then sabbed…then looted, then sorced…then warred. The worst way to is to throw targets up on the banner and say…go hit them…(I will talk communication and its importance later)

8. Supervise - Three key things I want to highlight here is Intercepting Caravans, Quad Troop Support, and Reforting. As GM/AGM of War…you MUST ensure that you leave your personnel enough turns to do a proper refort…and within enough time. Leaving a realm sitting on all offensive troops for two hours is a really bad idea. A warrior realm should only convert to offensive troops when attacking…then refort when complete. Too many times I have found and exploited realms sitting on 3k giants…totally wrong answer and this is completely on the GM/AGM of War. That can also be a problem outside of war too. Having a 15k realm and 1k train rate is usually not good for reforting…after you pick up another 10k acres…Intercepting Caravans should only be done when the war is going down,…I can track them too easily otherwise…and you will get caught (just ask Tara :P ). Setting up quad alliances on defense is almost always a bad idea. Once I break one, I can break them all. And break alliances is still an option for scummers. I think 6 doms met their fate in a war last age because of this. Additionally, leaving your realms on offensive support can be dangerous after a strike. The next strike, someone could massacre your defensive troops and leave a realm exposed…which is never good…well…for you anyways. The leadership needs to keep the GM aware of Peace offerings, changes, and when the next strike should happen. To me, a key in supervision is not the first strike, but the strikes after the first strike. A lot can happen in 48 hours, which is why I prefer a warchat every night after first strike…in order to blunt the counter attack a bit…I noticed that several players tend to ignore everything for 48 hours…that’s fine if you burnt the temples…if not…you will return to a large swath of Parking Lots…and it will hurt…

9. (Next topics will be a defensive war and communications. Anyone else have anything they want to discuss/add.)

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Re: [NPAC Elite] Protips on War

Postby Nymphsong » Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:47 pm

This thread is now unlocked and open for healthy debate and discussion. There is a lot of room for argument, objective criticism, and open candid communication. I respect all points of view provided by players from Vet to Newbling. Please feel free to chime in if you found a better way of getting things done...I too am eager to consume information that might be useful. If you think I have made error in my statements, show me the better way...learning is awesome!!!

*Edit...this thread was primarily developed for the guilds game. However, if you wish to contribute information that would be relevant in the other games....PLEASE DO SO! ;)


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Re: Protips on War

Postby Kaz » Sun Apr 13, 2014 4:31 pm

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Re: Protips on War

Postby Tara » Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:27 pm

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