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Training Forum

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 11:38 pm
by Nymphsong
This is an open forum for anyone who wants to brush up on their realm takedown skills. I will offer tutorials on how to properly attack and defend against an opponents realm and teach those who feel they have room for improvement.

All you need to do is, post on here that you would like some training, give me a date and time between Friday Night after 6pm eastern to Sunday Night 10pm eastern and I will mentor you for an hour or so with each session. (As long as it does not conflict with other RL priorities) The link for these training sessions will be as follows. If you want to bring more than one player, that's fine by me. We will use the Conquest Version of the Game. If you already have a realm no worries, if not no worries...either way you will get to where you feel comfortable with the game in any format.