Offer (aka Tithe)

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Offer (aka Tithe)

Post by Kaz » Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:59 pm

ImageOffer (aka Tithe)
Offer gold in exchange for land

"The priest's eyes widened as the cloth was removed from the cart to reveal the subdued glow of torch-lit gold. He ran one hand through the wealth that spilled out from their chest, and smiled widely. "Leto will be pleased with your tithe, sire. I shall tell him of your loyalty and generosity myself, and it is well known that my lord Leto rewards his most faithful servants."

Offering enough money to the church of your chosen deity will benefit your kingdom. The most direct and common reward is a grant of land to expand your borders, but continued donation of sizeable sums may result in the arrival of trained military units to join your armies, architects to construct more buildings free of charge, or even a blessing from your god.

Though the gods love those who give generously, their aim is to win control of Tonan through force - limits will be placed on the size of donation until your kingdom is deemed large enough to give more. If your donation is not sizeable enough to attract a reward, the church will simply accept the money. You must increase the size of your tithe to gain any benefit.

At the start of each game, when kingdoms are small and people are concentrating more upon building than warfare, offering (or 'tithing') is the easiest and most efficient way of expanding your borders.
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