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Selection of offensive and defensive military options

The legion was arrayed in perfect precision upon the battlefield - the copse of trees on the eastern side of the plains held the archers, the level centre ground was slowly being churned into mulch beneath the iron-shod hooves of the cavalry, and an unbroken line of shields and polearms bristled along the ridge. The general turned to you with adrenalin coursing through his veins, and asked the question which every last soul on the battlefield longed to hear. "Now, my lord?"

Canon presents you with several different opportunities to demolish your opponent, or to flail ineffectively against their well marshalled defences, if you are not careful. All war functions cost 4 turns - this cost increases if the target kingdom's networth is markedly larger or smaller than your own. To attack an opponent, select the preferred method of assault and enter their kingdom number before pressing 'attack'.

A controlled strike will pit the entirety of your force against a fraction of their armies, making it more likely that you will succeed and take land from their kingdom. The higher the acreage you aim for, the higher proportion of their army your force will find opposing them. The target amount must be entered in the "acreage to sieze" box.

Setting an ambush will increase the potence of your defence for the next incoming attack - at which point it will have to be manually set once more. Doing so always costs 4 turns.

Guerilla raiding sends your type one and two troops (see Troop Information) and your thieves against their equivalent forces in your enemy's kingdom. If successful, you will kill the troops involved in the battle and also a number of enemy peasants. No land is ever taken in guerilla raids.

Mob assault pits your entire army and your peasantry against their defences. While this makes your offensive more potent, it also harms your economy if your peasants are killed in the assault - it also seizes less land than a successful full attack.

Full attacks are self explanatory - your army against theirs in a pitched battle. It takes more land than any other method of attack if it is successful.

After three offensive actions against a target, your populace may refuse to take part in further aggression unless an official state of war is declared against your enemy. This can be done via the Alliances screen.
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