Thievery (aka Scum)

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Thievery (aka Scum)

Postby Kaz » Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:58 pm

ImageThievery (aka Scum)
Selection of black ops scum operations

The inferno spread even further across the mercantile quarter of the city as you watched helplessly from your tower; though dark shapes flitted from building to building, it was impossible to discern any sign of a uniform or nationality. The guards were slow to arrive, and by the time the order had been carried to the city gates, the perpetrators were no doubt miles away and heading for the border. The city economy had suffered a grevious blow, and there was no sign of who was responsible.

The functions on this screen utilise your thieves (citites, changelings, drow, satyrs, shakes or aswang depending upon your race) and pits them against their equivalent units in the enemy kingdom. To be successful, you need more thieves than your enemy - if the difference is large enough, you will execute the objective without the target realising that it was your troops who were responsible. Again, each race has different names for the functions but they appear in the same order. All actions cost two or more turns depending on how close your networth is to that of your target.

The Loot function is as simple as it sounds - you despatch your thieves to lighten the enemy treasury. A successful loot operation removes money from the target kingdom and gives it to your own.

Rob Guildhalls sends your thieves to destroy the guildhalls of your enemy, thereby damaging his economy and perhaps forcing him to spend turns repairing the damage.

Spread Dissention operations target the peasant population of the target kingdom. If enough peasants are killed in this fashion, the target kingdom is destroyed.

The Sabotage Alliances function removes any support the target kingdom gains from its allies, for one offensive or defensive action. If you sabotage the enemy's alliances and then hit the kingdom, the alliance support will be back in place after your initial hit unless you sabotage alliances again.

Intercept Caravans will send your thieves to lie in wait in case the target kingdom attempts to send money to a beleaguered ally. If the ambush is successfully set, the next time a caravan is sent from the kingdom the money will be diverted into your own treasury. While it states that your thieves lie in wait, this does not detract from your number of thieves or their effectiveness.

Desecrate Temples sends your thieves to destroy enemy temples. This reduces their defence against sorcery attacks, and also their potential to cause damage through offensive sorcery measures.
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