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Send messages to other players

The agony of climbing the seemingly endless spiral staircase was only made worse by the knowledge that the return journey would soon follow. Only the muffled squawking of the birds in the aviary above provided some encouragement; they slowly grew louder with each step taken. It was from this humble corner of the castle that messages were flown to allies and received in return, but you could not help but wish that the kingdom's architect had not placed so much emphasis on putting the birds so high up.

The Scribe screen enables you to communicate with other players, and is also known as the aviary. To write to another player, you need to know their kingdom number - this can be gotten directly from the player or from the Scrolls screen.

Simply enter the kingdom number, write your message, and hit send. Placing a tick in the 'send to allies' check box will send the message to all allies - you must still specify the kingdom number of one of your allies in the 'to' box for it to work.

If you receive offensive messages via the Scribe, please report it to game admin - the Scribe content filter can be set in the Preferences screen to automatically remove any such content.
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